At Work Technology

Terms of Service

At Work Technology put simply, provide a data aggregation service, we gather data and display it in a way that suits you. 

Some data we collect may be from 3rd parties that we don't have an agreement with, but we use their publically available data, and that data may no longer be available and we may no longer be able to provide you the service that we once did. If that happens, we apologie, but it means we can no longer provide you the service you expected. 

We may charge you for using our services, and you agree to pay us for using our services, by continuing to use the services provided. If we can no longer provide you with a product or service thatis beyond our control, we will of course refund any unused charges already paid. 

These terms may change, if they are meaningful changes we will send you an email directly to inform you, but this page will always be updated with any changes. 

As you can see it's all very simple, if you would like to know more please email

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